Individuelle Irrégulière

Project Work, Otis College of Art and Design

Type Design

Otis College of Art and Design is an institution filled with individual voices. The school and everything withi reflects the people it serves. While the current visual identity is modern and legible, it lacks the vibrant, expressive nature of the community. Minna Sakaria, Swedish Graphic Designer, hosted a three day (06/24/2019—06/26/2019) workshop leading ten members of the Otis MFA Graphic Design program to build on the visual identity of the college and contrast it with counter-narratives through experimental type. Each participant sought inspiration from the student culture, campus architecture, and their personal narratives to emphasize what it means to be an individual here at Otis. Using these references, participants collaborated to create Individuelle Irrégulière, a collaborative typeface intended to disrupt Otis’ current logotype with playful typography, iconography, and illustrations.